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Çevirme 07-01-2020


Buyers beware. If they mess your order up, you will NEVER get a refund, no matter how in the wrong they are and regardless of what they say on their page.

First of all, I ordered the costume on July 26th and told them I need it by the end of Sept. It should only take 2 to 3 weeks to tailor and a week or two to ship. By early September I asked them for a status. They hadn't even started. I asked for a refund since the costume would not make it in time for my con even though I ordered it with plenty of time. They did not want to give me a refund and offered a 15% discount and told me I can just wear it to another convention.

I thought this was rude, but I accepted. They never sent me my discount.

A month later I receive the costume and it was completely wrong. On their page it said it would be made out of vinyl and leather. It was made out of velvet.

In addition the boots I ordered were supposed to be the same dark green as the costume. They were bright lime green.

When I asked for a refund, they tried to push a 50% discount on me. Considering I never got the first promised discount and can never wear the costume because it was so completely wrong, I declined. Eventually I told them I would open a dispute with Paypal and my Credit Card company, so the conceded to give me a refund.

I waited a month and a half, and got no refund. I reached out to them and they said they would check on the status of my refund.

Another three weeks have passed. Since then I have sent them two more emails and they are now ignoring me. Finally I gave up and opened up a case through Paypal. I hope I will get my refund.

On another note, I actually purchased two costumes from them around the same time. The second costume was made incorrectly also and had missing items. They refused to send the missing items like they promise on the page.

In short, if they make a mistake, you are the one who loses because they will continuously tell you that you are wrong and their tailor was right.

The prices may be cheap but service and quality matches. So I tell you to purchase with caution.
Çevirme 29-12-2019


Sehr schlechter Shop, wünschte ich hätte dort nie bestellt. Ich bin sehr schlank und trage XS also habe ich diese dort auch bestellt. Bekommen habe ich eine M. Als ich EZCOSPLAY eine Email schrieb meinten sie das das so ihrer XS entsprach. Mir ist das Cosplay viel zu gross!!! Sie geben mir nicht mal einen Teil meines Geldes wieder. Das einzige was ich von diesem Shop empfehlen kann sind Perücken (dunklere Perücken sollen laut meiner Freundin beim schwitzen abfärben) also Achtung, wäre schade um eure schönen Cosplays :/. Props und Perücken kommen wie beschrieben an und sind auch das Geld wert. Man muss bloss damit rechnen das Kleinigkeiten vielleicht kaputt sind. Im grossen und ganzen werde ich dort nicht mehr bestellen egal wie viel Auswahl sie dort haben. Spart euch das Geld und den Ärger
Çevirme 12-08-2019


I have been cosplaying for 13 years and worked with a dozen sellers, and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a website. I paid extra to have the costume custom-tailored. When I received it in the mail, the zipper of the bustier immediately fell off. The jumpsuit piece and the bustier were many inches too big for me – they literally fall off my body. The gloves are extremely small for my hands – I wear XS exam gloves, and do not have abnormally large hands – and I can only fit my fingers halfway up their respective holes. After emailing the seller for a week, communication was only going in circles with the seller claiming that sending a custom outfit multiple inches too large was completely normal and that I should simply pay get it tailored myself. Getting the costume taken in would have completely ruined the design of the piece based on how large it was for my body, nor should I have to pay additional money when I already paid extra for a custom fit, and the seller refused to send me a refund or a return. I have never had this problem with any other place before, and my group of 6 cosplayers will be purchasing our costumes elsewhere. Since the seller refuses to help, I will unfortunately be eating the cost of their mistake. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE!!!
Çevirme 05-08-2019

Sheena Wilder

Ich habe bisher zweimal bei EZ Cosplay bestellt.
Das Erste Mal lief alles wunderbar und auch der Kontakt war sehr freundlich und sehr schnell.

Beim zweiten Mal allerdings war alles nur noch purer Horror.
Drei Cosplays wurden bestellt und mit schnellerem Versand bezahlt. Diese wurden sehr schnell gefertigt und auch pünktlich losgeschickt. Allerdings schaffte es die Versandfirma (FedEx) meine Sendung so beschissen zuzustellen, das mir diese vor meiner Haustüre gestohlen wurde.
Natürlich habe ich mich direkt an EZ Cosplay gewendet und den Sachverhalt geschildert. Die Antwort kam am nächsten Tag: "Bei meinem Postoffice wurde mir gesagt, die Sendung ist zugestellt. Wende dich an dein Postoffice.". Obwohl ich EZ Cosplay schon bereits gesagt habe, das die Sendung als "Zugestellt" deklariert, aber trotzdem geklaut wurde. FedEx hat auch alles so eingerichtet, das die Sendung als "Geklaut" deklariert ist. Auch nach der dritten E-Mail immer nur: "Bei meinem Postoffice wurde mir gesagt, die Sendung ist zugestellt. Wende dich an dein Postoffice.". Also an PayPal gewendet, damit ich mein Geld zurück bekomme. Auch hier: "Bei meinem Postoffice wurde mir gesagt, die Sendung ist zugestellt. Wende dich an dein Postoffice.". Appelliert an den Käuferschutz.

Auch nach mehrmaligem Versuch mit EZ Cosplay eine Lösung zu finden, die beiden Parteien hilft, zum Beispiel mir die Cosplays noch einmal zu schicken, denn EZ Cosplay bekommt das Geld von FedEx ja zurück, hat sich EZ Cosplay NICHT dazu bereit erklärt mir zu helfen oder entgegen zu kommen.
Der Hammer: PayPal nimmt meinen Käuferschutz nicht, sodass EZ Cosplay nun mein Geld einbehält und auch noch Extra Geld von FedEx bekommt.

Und wer ist am Ende der Dumme? Der Käufer.

Dank der mehr als mangelhaften Kommunikation und Hilfsbereitschaft kann ich nur sagen: NIE WIEDER.
Çevirme 22-06-2019


Do not buy! Purchase on beginning of month and ended up arriving the next month and a half! And refunds are not accepted unless you pay for the return shipping!
Çevirme 30-05-2019


BUYER BEWARE for any Cosplayers don't buy from this site. Their customer service is one of the worst I have ever dealt with and I work in Customer Service.
I buy a cosplay set when I received it wasn't what I expected the color was off and some of the design was peeling off. When I ask if I can get a refund or exchange. They blame me like it was my fault for ten days of back and forth emails. They always dodge my questions or don't reply for days. They Refuse to listen to me and when I told them that I was disappointed with the product they say next time write that in request box thank you. Like WTF this is ridiculous. English isn't their first language but that isn't the problem it's the cultural differences when it comes to dealing with customers.

It was frustrating the way they were dodging my concerns and questions to the point where it is taking about 10 days to get to the point across that I want a refund.
Çevirme 30-04-2019


Ich habe bei Ezcosplay 3 mal bestellt und wurde 3 mal enttäuscht/ Das erste mal habe ich mich Blind an die Größen Tabelle gehalten laut welche ich ohne Probleme in das Cosplay reingepasst hätte (am ende konnte ich mit zwei beinen in einen Hosenbein stehen) Beim Zweitenmal hatte das Cosplay zwar am Oberkörper gepasst war jedoch an der Hüfte viel zu eng und hatte nicht die Beschriebene größe. Zudem Wurde das Falsch deklariert und ich musste am ende 70 Euro zoll zahlen. Beim Dritten mal habe ich ein Cosplay in Custom Size bestellt und musste mit erschrecken feststellen das einige teile einfach aus Konfektionsgrößen zusammen geworfen wurden da wirklich jedes teil zu groß für mich war ( die Hose hat z.b. 15 cm mehr am bund als ich Habe). Zudem ist das selbe Problem wir beim Zweitenmal eingetroffen Wert der Ware über 200 euro wert auf den Packet von Ezcosplay 23 euro Folge daraus 100 Euro zoll kosten.

Alles in einen Mach ich meinen scheiß nun lieber selbst als nochmal bei diesen Rotzladen zu bestellen
Çevirme 18-11-2018

Mollie B

This company makes absolutely no sense. You will find costumes that are marked as the same sizing with same measurements that are too big no matter the style type and then order the same size and the cosplay wouldn't even fit if you were 4 inches and 3 sizes smaller and if you email them about it they will claim that they are just different styles and the same size, which makes absolutely no sense if you're going on what the meaning for the measurements is supposed to be in clothing not to mention the fact that things are being marketed as the same size but can fit so wildly differently no matter what the "style" is. And that is the ONLY answer you will get from them with a small percentage off coupon even though you now have a whole cosplay you can't even where and had to taper and alter the others because they were too big! If this is how they treat return customers, it's not worth it at all!
Çevirme 03-11-2018


Horrible experience. I ordered a costume for my son well in advance and I HAD TO FOLLOW UP WITH THEM A MONTH LATER just for them to get back to me 2 days before the date he needed it to say that they were unable to make it. Terrible service!! They should've informed me before! They sure did take my payment out right away though.
Çevirme 26-10-2018


The shipping was timely, and my costume was absolutely GORGEOUS!! I am VERY happy with how everything turned out! They did a wonderful job!!
Çevirme 25-10-2018

Benjamin Miller

First of all, the product is great. The best one that I've found so far. The material is thick, so be ready if you're wearing it in warm weather. I bought a large and the tunic is pretty snug (5'7, 165 lbs), and the pants are a little long. But considering everything, I highly recommend the product!

But...the customer service is HORRIBLE. When ordering the costume (Sept. 21), there were places to request the costumes by a certain date. I put in that I needed the costume for a function by October 13th. Then in the notes I put that I needed the costume by October 13. Finally, I emailed about the order and asked specifically if the item would be ready and delivered by the 13th. If not, I needed to cancel the order. In broken English I was assured that it would take 5-10 days and then delivery. I emailed customer service again when the item had not shipped within a few days of the 13th and was told that it was the busiest time for them and that it was being checked for quality and would be shipped. The costume arrived on October 19th - 6 days after I requested it. And the company never offered anything towards cancellation or compensation for not meeting their deadline. If it were my company, I would have acted with INTEGRITY and told the customer the truth. They wanted the money. While the outfit is great, it did not arrive as implicitly promised and now cannot be used until NEXT year. When I complained, they really didn't care. So the only recourse I have is to write an honest review that would warn future customers of the possibility of this in the future. So...make sure you have more than 6 weeks between order and when you need it. They DO NOT read their requests very well...
Çevirme 06-10-2018


Çevirme 23-09-2018

Adrian Remy

Hmm I had a great experience with them But after reading this
Çevirme 04-09-2018

Karl Schmahl

Ignores wear date and refuses refund.
Çevirme 03-09-2018

Karl Schmahl

Missed my wear date by a wide margin and refuses refund. What's the point of having a wear date option if they are just going to ignore it? Will never buy from them again.
Çevirme 29-08-2018

Lily G

I purchased a costume dress for $200. I am a pretty standard US size 4. The dress was defective and unwearable due to the design flaws completely exposing my underwear. I argued with them and sent them photos, and they only offered me 10% refund, and then 20% refund when I argued more. I opened a PayPal dispute and they actually changed their costume listing on the website to try to cover up their mistakes. PayPal immediately supported my return and refund request, but ezcosplay isn't even accepting the returned package delivery!! I imagine if the post office declares it undeliverable I will automatically win the dispute, but what a headache!

Additionally, even if the product wasn't defective, the dress was inaccurate and looked like a $10 dress. It was shipped in a plastic bag envelope. Super cheap product, super cheap packaging, yet both the product and the shipping cost a significant amount. I was actually glad the product was defective because normally ezcosplay does not accept returns.
Çevirme 26-08-2018


I ordered a detroit become human cosplay (jacket only) in July for a Sept con. In august after no updates on shipping I sent them an email. No response after 2 weeks tried again. No response. Con is next weekend with no item received and unable to get in contact for a refund. Stay away
Çevirme 20-08-2018

Lana Perets

Ordered a costume for $100, the costume was customized, means measurements were taken and it was suppose to be a better fit. Nothing fits. Items are too small, some items are missing. Material of the costume is extremely poor. It itches the skin the moment you put on your body.
The vendor refuses to fix or refund. I sent pictures with measurements to show that it is too small, they are ignoring the facts.
Stay away from them.
Çevirme 27-06-2018


I purchased an Overwatch Symmetra Satya Vaswani Gun and was super excited to get it! Firstly it was shipped pretty fast, BUT it came in a large crappy box. When I opened it, first thing i notice was the item wasn't packaged correctly and secondly their were broken pieces all outside the bubble wrap. The item itself looked terrible and nothing like the photos! Mainly it was sent to me broken and I am extremely disappointed. For the amount of shipping cost I had to pay, which was over $50 for one simply item, I would expect it to be packaged and shipped properly.
Çevirme 19-06-2018


Let me just start by saying i wish i checked review sites first. Alot of people may shrug at them but trust me when i say please take note of what people are saying here before you make the same mistake i did in spending hundreds at their store. So a con was coming up with my favorite RWBY character Qrow's voice actor so i thought instead of having him sign something boring why not get a replica weapon for him to sign that would be awesome. After much shopping around i decided on this company it was quite pricey but i was like no worries. Made the purchase no worries i get an email that my order is going through. Now i spent $158 for the weapon and $250 shipping which is alot of money but i wad ok as long as i got what i wabted to have signed.

I recieve the item ratger quick and get excited, when opening the box i realize something isn't right with the item. The side of the weapon doesnt seem stuck down properly and the piece is looping up every now and then and the pain is scuffed and worn. Making the item unusable for what i wanted it for i snapped photos and mailed the contact email. Letting them know and showing images of all sides. The response i get is the worse part and this is a copy paste of the email back

" We are terribly sorry for the problem. We suggest you fix it with glue and will give you 10USD for your compensation, is it OK for you?"

Their solution is to have me break the item to glue it down as there is no way i could fix it without the pieces breaking when attempting to and that would just instantly void it. Along with their mere 10usd compensation for this item i now have to dispose of since im not paying $250 to again to ship back to them for a $158 refund... this company is scummy and you should shop around more if after cosplay stuff

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