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Çevirme 05-12-2019

Tomilola Adebiyi

I've had a very bad experience with Rotita and i just had to come warn other buyers to beware. I ordered three dresses on rotita in September. The orders were delivered on October 6. For context, i live in Canada. On getting the order, i found the quality of the dresses were really poor and substandard for a $40 dress (each) so i returned them through USPS to the address provided to me by their agent. My return was received on October 14, still within the 30 days return policy. I never received a refund and today, December 5, i reached out to them through live chat and the agent disconnected the chat when i asked for my refund. So i opened a new ticket, aside from my original refund ticket and got a message from them saying my return period had exceeded the 30 days return period and was no longer eligible for a refund.

In my mind, an online store with no physical location shipping from China is nothing but a scam. Buyers beware!
Çevirme 02-12-2019


This might be the worst merchant ever on the Internet. Purchased three items; returned one item within 10 days after purchased and was promised a refund within seven days. A month after the return was done the refund still hasn’t materialized after numerous contacts with customer service. You cannot get anybody on the phone and you can only do online chats or emails. Stay away from this merchant.
Çevirme 25-10-2019

Doug J.

If I could give 0 stars I would !
I made a purchase (9-22) for my wife and daughter almost 5 weeks ago. I know they said it could take 2-3 weeks so I ordered far early (5 weeks in advance) to have the items for a Halloween party (in 2 days now)..
So on the 10th I inquired about the items. I was told they will be here the 15th. I wait and nothing.
The 17th I'm told delivered already. I said no they weren't. Then they will be here in 4 days. When I questioned about you said delivered and now 4 days what's going on ? They disconnected me.
Now on the 22nd they say delivered and I said it wasn't. They supply a tracking link in Chinese .. useless.
Then they say it was out of stock and I'll be reimbursed in a week or so. I told them it wasn't out of stock a month ago. After questioning them they disconnect me .. again.
I went to PayPal and filed a dispute. They respond that give it a few days please. I request a tracking # and they finally supply it and it hasn't left China yet. I demand my money back through PayPal because now I can't use the items .. the party in 2 days .. and I'm sick of their lies.
Their reply : I have checked your order.Your order is passing customs and then shipped to your country.It will take some time . After that, it will continue to be shipped.I have urged the express company to expedite shipment. Please be patient for a few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Best Wishes!
They are refusing to refund me with this reply. Then when I finally get it they will say ship it back. Then they will make an excuse and only refund 1/2 back and after 2 months or so. I've just read the reviews which I should have prior.
And to all the positive reviews you're Trolls for Rotita !!
Do Not Buy from Rotita or China ! If you do you were warned !!
Çevirme 15-10-2019


“Horrible quality, horrible customer service”


Wouldn't take Rotita items if they were giving them away. Took 2 months to receive, horrible fit and quality so I returned. Two months later, got an email that they wouldn't refund because they claimed the shirt had a stain on it........It was a bathing suit!!!! Never worn, never washed!! PS, the suit was shipped from China for goodness sakes!!!! BEWARE!!!!
Çevirme 14-10-2019


I ordered some tops. They took quite a time to deliver.
When they come, there was a fault in the materials print. I don't like the material. The sizes were a bit small. I was going to return them, but there were so many bad comments about this site I decided to cut my losses & try & sell on ebay.
My advice is never use this company
Çevirme 10-09-2019


it has happened to me their clothing looks lovely but after reading all the reviews it doesnt look very promeing i put in a order about 4 weeks ago still havent received it maybe be it may never turn up all thoese outlets must be the same i orderd 3 dress from another they came in the post yesterday it looked second hand the fabric was aful and had 2 big holes in it so if u are thinking of buying from any of them through fb DONT BOTHER they are cheap pricers and they look it too NEVER WILL I BUY ON LINE CLOTHS AGAIN i advise u all out there to do the same cause u will be disapointerd shop in ur own country it may cost u more but at least u know what ur getting
Çevirme 24-07-2019

K Patel

I ordered 3 dresses & had to return them due to size issues. I returned the very next day I received them. I was told by the post office, that they will receive the parcel in 10 days. I was chasing them to see if they have received the parcel for nearly 6 weeks & After that they sent me message stating they can’t refund me full & can't send the another size as the item was stained. I don’t believe this, as I sent the items the very next day & Rotita has not been open and honest and didn’t even bother informing me that they have received the parcel until I asked them!!!

To my surprise another message came through stating only 1/4 amount was refunded and that too was on the rotita account & not in my bank account. Why refund on your store account??? Are you that confident that even after your unprofessional approach, people would buy stuff again?

However, on checking my Rotita account, there is no balance in my Rotita account. It seems they are there to extort the money from people.

I would like to know how to take this matter further as ultimately it is my hard earned money and I deserve the full refund.

Beware & don’t order anything from this company. Horrible experience and ZERO customer service.
Çevirme 12-07-2019

Janice Michon

HORRIBLE! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! Cheap, ill-fitting clothes. Their customer service is terrible. They make you pay to return defective items. Go elsewhere!
Çevirme 02-07-2019


Slow customer service response (with bad English). No phone number to call. Can't track the package (I have been given the same tracking number 3 times - it just says label created. Way over 15 days since order. This is frustrating. I will NEVER ORDER from this group again.
Çevirme 28-06-2019


Terrible customer service - would not pay for the return of the WRONG item sent to me. Shady company, DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE.
Çevirme 06-06-2019

Ingrid Bridges

Beware!!!!!! This company is not delivering what they advertise and they do not refund your money. Thanks to PayPal I was able to get my refund without my shipping fees.
Çevirme 01-06-2019

BELAUD joelle

Je ne recommande pas ce site.
Pas facile de retourner un article décevant.
Les frais de retour ne donnent pas envie de commander sur ce site .
Il est préférable de commander à un site où il est possible de faire un retour gratuit en point relais.
Çevirme 30-05-2019


I will never order from rotita ever again ive been truing to find out how to exchange this dress i bought and they keep talking about a ticket where do i get it it took a month for the dress to come in the first place
Çevirme 27-05-2019

Silvia Alford

Ordered 4 Shirts, all 70/30 polyester cotton....first Rotita send me tracking number, which was empty for 10 days before the actually shipped it, then the order arrived one month after my order was placed, just to discover that none of the shirts had any cotton what so ever. One of the shirts is as stiff as cardboard. When I contacted CS they just replied to send them back via their now I have to pay to return them because they refused to send a prepaid return label. advise....stay away from this fraudulent company
Çevirme 15-05-2019


I am floored at the merchandise that was delivered to me (in two separate shipments and I only ordered 3 tops, and took at least a month) One package was from PuDongXinQu Shanghai, China and the other top was from some other company called Ken ARCHBUSINESS in Rancho Cucamongo, CA (made in China). I first received these two horribly made tops, or should I call them drapes! 100% thick polyester on one, and the other 95% Terylene and 5% Spandex, and NO manufacturer labels and just a small 1/4" label "L" on the back of the neck. All of the garments are poorly sewn, the colors and patterns don't look anything like the website. I also ordered what I thought was something patriotic for our American 4th of July Celebration! Oh Heck NO! There is some kind of foreign jibberish writing all over, the material is a drape and totally ugly!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. The materials used are not what the website says they are made out of, and I think it is deceitful! Shame on them for putting together such a nice website with garbage garments and people paying a decent price for this junk!! Ugh!!
Çevirme 14-05-2019

Kathy Sullivan

Well now I won't be checking your site to find out if a business is on the up, not one good review for this company and you give it 3 stars and say it's OK you must be a china group too, women are getting smarter in America we tell one another as I do NOT TO ORDER ON FACEBOOK. and this company will be added to my list !!!!!
Çevirme 08-05-2019


Very poor quality goods...nothing like the photos...very poor returns...only getting 20% back ad costs too much to send to USA! Scam
Çevirme 08-05-2019


No es igual que en la foto,no me gusta nada,y mala calidad.
No creo que vuelva a comprar nada.
Çevirme 08-05-2019

Robbie Taylor

I ordered 2 tops, one fit and the other did not. It was not made right. I have been trying to get an address to send the one back that does not fit. I agree, the ticket system is a gimmick. I have followed their instructions to return the item but they have not responded. They said do not mail to the address on the package because it will not be accepted. Doesn't matter, they don't want you to return and if you are so lucky as to get an address, I bet they find a reason not to refund all your money, if they refund at all. They do advertise cute clothes o get you to order, I personally would not recommend this company to anyone. By the way, if they did send an address now, it will be over the 30 days.
Çevirme 02-05-2019


Ik bestelde op 15 april 2019 en mijn bestelling is op 2 mei 2019 aangekomen. Ik ben tevreden.

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