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Çevirme 30-06-2020


Finger weg!!!! Absoluter Müll!! Habe nach 2 Monaten eine Hose erhalten die von der Qualität keine 3€ wert ist !!!! Seeeehr schlecht und niemand zu raten
Çevirme 17-09-2019

Luciana Ribeiro Duarte

Prezados, vocês fazem entregas para o Brasil? Grata, Luciana- MG
Çevirme 20-07-2019


Orrore puro. Neanche finta pelle ma plastica pura, incollate male, appena si toccano viene via tutto come se fossero dipinte con le tempere dei bambini. Truffa delle truffe. Sul serio ma neanche dai cinesi in negozio si trovano di questo livello.
Çevirme 29-05-2019


На самом деле все обстоит не так. Сайт перенаправляет заказы на Али экспресс. С существенным в три раза увеличением цены. Если бы я сразу об этом знала.. То не стала бы заказывать так как и сама делаю покупки на Алиэкспресс. Второе. Вернуть товар я так поняла невозможно. Если на Алиэкспресс я оформляю спор.. Обратно отсылаю за их счет некачественный товар.. То тут по моему это невозможно. Писала в течение 10 дней претензии им. Никто не отвечал.. Сейчас вошла в онлайн спор и выслала фото ужасного качество по цене брендов например Труссарди и тп я покупаю на сайте Купи вип..
Çevirme 09-04-2019


Was soll ich sagen,ich reihe mich hier mal ein ;) Finger weg!Nichts kaufen!
Ich habe im Februar bestellt und bis heute KEINE Ware erhalten.Auf meine Mails wird immer mit einer automatisierten Mail geantwortet.Es ist keine seriose Firma!Ich habe gottseidank über Paypal abgewickelt und somit mein Geld zurück bekommen.Selbst bei PayPal haben sie nicht reagiert und ich denke, das sagt alles über diese Firma.Unbedingt Finger weg,auch wenn die Schuhe noch so toll aussehen mögen.
Çevirme 09-01-2019

Joachim Strobach

Habe am 21.11.2018 eine Bestellung aufgegeben. Das Geld wurde am 22.11.2018 abgebucht!
Auf die bestellte Ware warte ich bis heute (9.1.2019 ) das sind fast 7 Wochen.
Alle Kontaktversuche scheiterten.
Çevirme 07-09-2018

Arpa C

Beautiful Shoes!! I have never been so Happy with a pair of shoes as I am now. They fit perfectly . They are super comfortable and soft not to mention .. Very Sexy!! Can't wait to wear them out!!!
Çevirme 04-09-2018

Gauravendra Shankar

Overall experience with is great! This product is excellent. My wife like it a lot...They would be my favorite! Thanks a lot for sending the great product and most importantly, I got the product within the timeframe given by them! This was my second product and I was really impressed with the first one so I ordered again.
Çevirme 23-08-2018



DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THE RAVING 5-Star reviews given here. These are most definitely fake. I've been a long-time online shopper, and I don't believe I've ever had a worse experience than with

I luckily only lost about $150 in my dealings with But others weren't as lucky. The shoes I bought from them, of course, looked gorgeous in the photos. But when I received them, they were too large and constructed of the most horrible smelling plastic - extremely low quality. No one in good conscience would sell these shoes, but does!

Their return policies are essentially just smoke and mirrors. I don't think they ever intended to refund my money. They had me fork out my own cash to send the shoes back to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere in China, and had me value the package at half of what it was worth, so it wouldn't get "caught in Chinese customs". Then, after four months they claimed never to have received my return and essentially never gave me any of my money back.

It would have been less painful to have simply been mugged in the street. At least then, I wouldn't have lost all those hours over all those months arguing pointlessly with their useless customer service reps. will steal your money AND your time! Do not buy from them. And spread the word.
Çevirme 11-07-2018

Muhammad Sajed

Beautiful I got them in black and they look better in person.the fit is true to size...can’t wait to order more!! Shoespie rocks!!!!
Order Number: 1045236
Çevirme 02-05-2018


The shoes are ugly, too tall and look like the doll shoes, and they look very cheap and the material is the bad thing and still very expensive. Have sent five letters by email because I swap the shoes or the money wanted back and never got an answer. Please pay attention to all and do not give on the review price that are all determined the staff there write the rating.
LG iara
Die Schuhe sind hässlich, zu groß und sehen aus wie die Puppenschuhe, und sie sehen sehr billig aus und das Material ist schlecht und immer noch sehr teuer. Ich habe fünf Briefe per E-Mail geschickt, weil ich die Schuhe oder das Geld zurückgeschickt habe und nie eine Antwort bekommen habe. Bitte achten Sie auf alle und geben Sie nicht auf den Bewertungspreis, die alle bestimmt sind, schreiben die Mitarbeiter dort die Bewertung.
LG iara
Çevirme 05-02-2018


Heels looks beautiful and the shoes look very sexy. they are comfortable and fit well. the style, comfort and quality I have come to rely on make them worth every penny and more. Add these to you black heel collection!
Çevirme 02-02-2018


Site à fuir de toute urgence! Très mauvaise qualité des chaussures, délai de réception, et aucun sérieux dans le service après-vente.
En résumé, commande passée sur un site aux USA et reçue après 5 semaines en provenance de Chine. Une qualité vraiment médiocre en regard du prix (50€ après soldes) tissu mal collé sur les semelles et les talons et sans aucune finition, de plus la pointure (2 tailles de plus) ne correspondait pas à celle commandée et celle inscrite sur la boite. Après contact avec le vendeur retour des chaussures à mes frais en Pologne (merci Paypal pour le remboursement). J’ai seulement eu une proposition de remboursement après réception et le comble sans prendre en charge les frais de port initiaux (15€ pour la Chine c’est exorbitant), après refus de ma part et de longues discussions par e-mail, ouverture d’un litige sur Paypal qui a statué en ma faveur. Conclusion j’ai été remboursé intégralement 3 mois après l’encaissement et beaucoup de déboires par cette société peu recommandable.
Çevirme 02-02-2018


These boots are so comfortable and stylish! They are true to size' and I just love them! Very Comfortable.
Çevirme 26-01-2018


All fashionista girl would love to have this type of comfortable and concise snow boots. they are flexible and durable, i ordered them for winter and they really helped me alot to cab the cold.
Çevirme 23-01-2018


Really awesome, this design is suitable for my figure,the price is inexpensive,but cheaper than the store. service is excellent, next time, I will buy them again
Çevirme 23-01-2018


My daughter and I have been searching for the PERFECT shoe for prom. We found a great gorgeous sandal/shoe that will SURELY turn heads! Can’t wait for our shoes to arrive! Will keep you posted.
Çevirme 22-01-2018


I received my shoes yesterday. I am so glad with the quality and style. I am looking forward to the next shopping on shoespie.
Çevirme 18-12-2017


Based in London, England (supposedly), but they sell cheap knockoffs made in China.

Ordered 5 weeks ago - I emailed this company 3 weeks ago for an order update and got a response with a tracking number with some unknown international carrier. The website of the carrier looked very suspect and the tracking# came up with nothing. Since then, I have emailed Shoespie twice since with no response.

I think this company is a scam. I paid over $120 for boots that were to be a Christmas present. I am lodging a complaint with the BBB and now have to work with my credit card company to remove this charge, if they will at all. Total BS. Give me a refund, Shoespie!

Don't waste your time and money on Shoespie!
Çevirme 07-12-2017


Very satisfied with the products. Shipping is prompt. I will be very happy to do my online shopping here for sure.

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